Outdoor Wedding Ideas

Burlap-and-lace-wedding-inspiration-boardDécor for your outdoor wedding should be simple yet elegant! Think about the theme of large_bouq_ivory_minit_coral_burlap_2the wedding, will you be having a rustic theme? Bring in natural décor to your outdoor wedding such as, burlap. Burlap is very versatile that is can be used in a flower bouquet, an aisle runner, table centerpieces and more. For a more romantic theme, use beautiful pastel flowers (roses, peonies, and wisteria are good choices), candles, lanterns, fresh herbs and more. To spruce up the ceremony décor, opt to use bold colored seat cushions, create a beautiful backdrop by hanging flowers behind where you and your groom will stand, use stone pavers for bridesmaids to stand on so their heels won’t sink into the grass, or make paper fans out of your programs! Adding banana-frances-lanternsdetail to your outdoor wedding will make your wedding Aisle lightseven more special. The location of the outdoor wedding plays a huge role for the theme of the wedding. Make sure to keep your guests comfortable during the hot months when planning an outdoor wedding, find more information here!


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